Antique Ashtrays - The Subsequent Nice Accumulateable!

Antique Ashtrays - The Subsequent Nice Accumulateable!

There isn't a doubt about it vintage ashtrays are troublesome to stumble on. The as soon as widespread ornamental drawing room piece - is now hidden away - relegated to the back of the cupboard. In contrast to different collectibles, smoking is not fashionable and the ashtray has fallen from vintage grace.

What this means is they are in all probability among the best buys in the amassing market. If no one wants them you get probably the most attractive choice of elegant ashtrays for a fraction of their cost.

Lets us look a bit of into the world of the antique ashtray.


The range and style of antique ashtrays ranged from easy, lead crystal bowls to elaborate and fanciful porcelain pieces - relying on what was fashionable in that era.

At one time ashtrays were small they could be carried in a ladies' or gentleman's purse or pocket and had covers. They had been objects of art as well as practical receptacles for left over ash- a gentleman's fashion accessory.

Different ashtrays had been so giant that they wanted assist from stands made of wrought iron. Elaborate ashtrays were usually just one piece of a whole smoking set which graced coffee and lounge tables in chic properties and playing houses round Europe.

Ashtrays were created in the form of animals or flowers, hand painted, jeweled or gold dipped. Later colored glass ashtrays have been well-liked, painted or decorated with scenes of flowers or landscape. Over time ashtrays were manufactured in each type of fabric; metal, ceramic or glass as long as it didn't burn.

As society's perspective towards smoking waivered the ashtray began to fall from grace and slowly disappeared. The ashtray that graced drawing rooms like art is no longer simply found. Instead, in the present day ashtrays are scarce and plain, if not hidden. Some fashion houses like Versace still create beautiful ashtrays however they aren't common place as they had been solely fifty years ago.

Even within the Nineteen Twenties smoking was considered fun and even chic and ashtrays were created from pewter or bronze and formed into tall elegant statuettes for side tables or as standing ornaments while ashtrays within the 1950's have been styled in art deco fashion.

The Souvenir Antique Ashtray

The memento vintage ashtray deserves a category of its own. Now after all no longer fashionable it had been the vacationers first buy for those keen to remember the places they had visited with something useful and decorative. While most road bought memento ashtrays have been less than glamorous, those taken from rooms in high class hotels made the most effective presents for associates at home. Ashtrays from faraway places had been more exotic like steer cranium ashtrays, alligator ashtrays or frog ashtrays from across the world.

These pieces are great to collect if you will discover them.

Prospective Values

Ashtrays have dwindled in provide as society smokes less and less. This means ashtrays will turn into something of a rarity and their worth will increase.

It is unlikely that one distinctive ashtray offers you your fortune though a uncommon ashtray can actually make you sit up and take notice.

Movie star Ashtrays

One other very revenueable ashtray niche is the celebrity wooden ashtray stand; ashtrays owned by the rich and famous. At the time Marlene Dietrich passed away she owned 23 ashtrays housed in her Manhattan co-op which even included souvenir ashtrays from establishments like Maxim's in Paris. These ashtrays, price no more than $250, got more than $three,220 when sold.

The well-known cigar smoking comedian George Burns died leaving a number of ashtrays behind. And although they have been in less than mint condition, they fetched massive amounts when sold. Two of his many ashtrays valued around $450 obtained $1,380. Even his cracked and chipped glass ashtrays brought in more than $one hundred over the reserve of $250.